Refund/Cancellation Policy

Gift card orders placed with eGiftworks Fulfillment Services, LLC or via an online order page associated with one of our mall clients may be cancelled only if EGW is contacted prior to the order being shipped. In this case, the full face value of funds on the gift cards along with shipping/handling will be refunded. For lost, stolen or misplaced gift cards that have been partially used, eGiftworks will do a replacement card for the amount remaining on the card. If no balance remains on the card, eGiftworks cannot offer any refund or compensation. For lost, stolen or misplaced cards that still hold the full, original card balance, eGiftworks Fulfillment Services will either do a card replacement or a refund less shipping/handling charges. eGiftworks Fulfillment Services is not responsible for any loss of time, expenses, inconvenience or any other actual or perceived loss associated with a customer’s placement of a gift card order on this site. eGiftworks Fulfillment Services reserves the right to refuse, refund or return requests that are associated with verified fraudulent activity.